Hope in Numbers - Animation Process

This was the final result of the animation where it was created in the background and camera movement.

Creative Production: Histeria! Studio
Director: Gabriela Zaneti
Executive Producer: Marcelo Moreno
Producers: Tatiana Sato and Marcelo Moreno
Storyboard: Ricardo Sasaki
Animatic: Ricardo Sasaki
Art Directors: Gabriela Zaneti, Jan Xavier and Victor Tchaba
Concept Art: Mateus Carvalho and Cinthia Saty
Illustrator: Jon Suguiyama
Animation Director: Gabriela Zaneti
2D Animation: Louise Bonne and Mila Queiroz
Motion Graphics: Samantha Oda
Post Production: Gabriela Zaneti
Compositing: Gabriela Zaneti and Samantha Oda


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