"The word 'Star' evokes the image of a star, directly connecting to the event's name, 'Stellar Family,' while also alluding to the concept of a constellation associated with the Stellantis group.
On the other hand, 'Bot' is a common abbreviation for 'robot,' denoting a technological and contemporary component. By merging these two elements into 'Starbot,' we conceive a name that captures both the magic and grandeur of stars and the innovation and technology represented by robots.
Thus, 'Starbot' embodies the idea of a futuristic and captivating guide that leads Stellantis employees' families through an exciting and discovery-filled journey during the event."

Character Design Development

Character 3D Model

Character Animation

Animation Breakdown


. Client: Stellantis
. Studio: Pro Marketing BH

. Louise Bonne | Creative Director 
. Vitor Teixeira | Character Design
. Daniel Guimarães | Motion Design - Rigging
. Ketryn Alves | Motion Design
. Luiz Campolina | Producer - 3D Modeler
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