In this project I worked with Supernova Duo and Studio Trim in order to present the new cartoon network app. I was responsible for the riggin and animation of the characters interacting with the tablet, mixing cel animation with cut-out animation in a snap style.
The Process​​​​​​​
1) RIGGING: The rig of characters is made based on the promotional imagens of cartoon network's characters and animatic poses. With it, we can pose easily and get the inbetweens that we want. It is the most time consuming part but once done, it guarantees a faster animation.
2) ROUGH: As a character animator, I always plan my scenes by sketching or animating traditionally with the goal of making the scene more fluid and dynamical. I usually start my scenes with a rough idea of ​​how I envision the moves.
For some poses it is also necessary to draw the whole character again or some part of his body separately from the rig. Toonboom Harmony allow this quickly. Below are some of the drawings I used for this purpose.
3) ANIMATION: Finally the animation! In this part I usually add arcs, follow, smears, drags and other ways to make the animation more interesting. Worth saying, the rig not only allows a faster result but also allows me to edit or add some movement more easily. That's why cut-out is such an important technique for projects like this and many others.
Client: Cartoon Network | TRIM Studio
Director: Bruno Adolfi - TRIM Studio
Animation Directors: Supernova Duo
Production: TRIM Studio
Story: TRIM Studio
Rigger: Louise Bonne
Illustration: Louise Bonne & Supernova Duo
Frame by Frame / Cut-Out: Louise Bonne
Motion Design & Compositing: Supernova Duo
Editing: TRIM Studio
Art Director / Final Compositing: Rafael Takanashi - TRIM Studio
Sound Design: Cartoon Network
Softwares: Adobe After Effects | Adobe Premiere | Toonboom Harmony

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