Drive Safe, Arrive Alive: A Journey to Safer Roads with Honda

Working on this project for Honda during National Traffic Week in Brazil was a fantastic experience. Our studio was honored to be a part of such a important and impactful initiative, promoting road safety and awareness. Our team was inspired by the mission of the project and worked diligently to create an animation that would be both entertaining and educational. The end result was a beautiful and impactful animation that effectively communicated the importance of safe driving and was well received by the audience. Overall, working on this project was a great opportunity for our studio to make a positive impact and demonstrate our commitment to quality animation work.

Client: Honda
Studio: Black Madre​​​​​​​ and Boyd Studio
Creative Direction​​​​​​​: André Boyd
Art Director:​​​​​​​ Ícaro
 Felipe Ribeiro
Animatic: Che e Jefferson Lima
Illustration Leader Júlia Albertin
Illustrators: Louise Bonne e Tiago Oliven
Bah Nozari, Murilo Emerick e Augusto Galvão
Audio: Vox Haus

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