"Owner" is an animated music video that was created during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, which prevented independent songwriters from recording with live performers.

 Given the circumstances, there was a surge in demand for animated music videos, and "Owner" was produced in response to this trend.

The song "Owner" was written by the Portuguese singer Carla Prata (@carlaprataofficial) and distributed by ©2020 SONY Music Portugal. The music video was released on Youtube in May 2020 and has since garnered over one million views. 

You can check out the video at this link.
In this project, the utilization of lip sync played a vital role in establishing a connection with the viewer. A variety of drawings were created to accurately simulate the movements and gestures of the characters' lips.
The music video delves into the singer's personal journey as she reflects on her past self and the evolution of her perspectives on life and fame. Through a poignant portrayal of her relationship with herself, the video establishes an emotional connection with the viewer and provides a glimpse into the artist's growth and development.

Production | Direction: @nausikaa.studio
Chracter designer: Fernando Júnior (@fpjunioff)
Animators: Fernando Júnior (@fpjunioff) | Louise Bonne (@bonne_art | Vitor Alves (@vito_alvess)
Rigger: Vitor Alves (@vito_alvess)
Editor: Vitor Alves (@vito_alvess)

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